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DatCode logo


$7,400 raised

A vibrant, inclusive community of Black & Brown technologists sharing knowledge, meeting new people, and doing the most.

The Brave Stack Network logo

The Brave Stack Network

$7,000 raised

Creating space and resources for black women and femmes in tech.

if me logo

if me

$7,100 raised

A mental health communication app that allows people to share their mental health experiences in a safe and private space with loved ones.

Greater Than Code logo

Greater Than Code

$7,500 raised

A podcast promoting the human side of software.

REFUGE Restrooms logo

REFUGE Restrooms

$8,800 raised

Finding safe restrooms and advocating for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming folk.

MotherCoders logo


$9,600 raised

Helping women with kids gain the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to thrive in today's digital economy.

Women in Linux

Women in Linux

$8,900 raised

Support Women in Linux Through Training, Education and Career Advancement.



$8,800 raised

Empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors.

Codeland Conf

Codeland Conf

$9,100 raised

Bring More Marginalized People to The Only Conference For New Coder.

Silicon Valley Rising

Silicon Valley Rising

$9,000 raised

Supporting Worker's Rights: Higher Wages, Fair Work Conditions and Affordable Housing.

Online SOS

Online SOS

$7,800 raised

Help for online harassment

Stem from Dance

STEM from Dance

$7,900 raised

Helps Black and Latina Girls Get into STEM.



$8,600 raised

Free tech training and job placement for low-income women and non-binary adults.

digitalundivided's BIG Accelerator logo

BIG Accelerator

$8,800 raised

An accelerator program providing training & support for Black and Latina women founders.

Trans Hack logo

Trans Hack

$10,100 raised

Education designed to foster online collaboration amongst the trans community.

Good for POC logo

Good for POC in Tech

$10,800 raised

Providing an inclusive and safe work environment for people of color in tech.

20/20 Shift logo

20/20 Shift

$10,000 raised

Supporting Minority Millennials in Tech Roles Beyond Engineering.

Hypatia Software Organization logo

Hypatia Software Organization

$8,500 raised

Helping Trans Women flourish in software.

Tomorrow Looks Bright logo

Tomorrow Looks Bright

$9,200 raised

Highlighting Black Women makers around the world.

CallbackWomen logo


$9,600 raised

Radically expanding gender diversity at the podium of professional programmers’ conferences.


# I Need Diverse Games

$9,400 raised

because all types of diversity should be reflected in our digital landscapes as well as the world we inhabit.

People of Color in Tech

People of Color in Tech

$9,000 raised

Highlights the current achievements of people of color within the sphere of technology and startups, and inspires the next generation.

Hands Up United

Hands Up United

$7,800 raised

Teaches local communities of color web development and entrepreneurship skills, feeds and educates children, raises conciousness around political, economic, social justice.

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

$7,800 raised

Radical data visualization and digital storytelling collective documenting the dispossession of San Francisco Bay Area residents.

Revision Path

Revision Path

$8,200 raised

A weekly showcase of the world's Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers.



$7,400 raised

An initiative to work with speakers, conferences, meetups, & industry leaders to bring discussions about mental health to the tech community.

TransTech Social Enterprises logo


$7,000 raised

Empower, educate, and employ those facing barriers in education and the work place. Reduce instances of discrimination against trans & gender non-conforming individuals.

#WoCinTech Chat logo

#WoCinTech Chat

$6,330 raised

A place for WOC to connect and find employment opportunities in tech.